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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 18, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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like the two people are kind of far apart from one another . the second one is looking a little younger. it seems like there is one in charge and one follower. >> bret: good evening, i am bret baier. this is a fox news alert. we are seeing the two images that the f.b.i. is labeling as suspects in the boston mara thon bombing. they are known as suspect number one and suspect number two. the f.b.i. released video and still pictures and asked the public's help in identifying these two men. they are considered arm dangerous. we fascinating role of social media . we start with rick levan thal with the last on the pictures. >> dramatic developments in
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the hour. good news and bad news. the bad news, is that the f.b.i. would not release these still photos if they knew who these guys were. if they spent any time in the united states and based on the video and photographs. someone will reck - recognize them and the f.b.i. could give them the information it needs . we'll show you the radio and stills. suspect number one wearing a dark jacket and hat and backpack and wearing khakies. the suspect number two wearing it backgrounds and dark jacket and jeans . suspect number two was seen putting his backpack down in the site of the second explosion and walking west on bolston street after planting that bomb. the f.b.i. said it was a single person of interest and help of the joint terrorism
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task force, they were able to develop the second suspect and now they have released the photos and they have urged caution. here is more from richard delora, in the boston field office. >> we considered them to be arm extremely dangerous. no one should approach them and attempt to apprehend them except law enforcement. let me reiterate that caution. do not take action on your own. >> the f.b.i. said despite all of the photographs that are floating around the internet, these are the only photos that anyone should use to try to identify the suspect in this case. you can see these photos at they have set up boston mara . bret, i want to make this point they didn't make in the press conference. now that people see what these
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two men look like, people may have photos that they didn't think would be relevant that may be relevant. there may be closest angles of one or both of these two men that people have in their home and phones and they can give to the f.b.i. and give the f.b.i. agents a much better chance of catching these two men f. you are at home and see these pictures. if you were in the mara thon and share those photographs with the f.b.i.. here's more on why it is so important from the f.b.i. field office. it is important to emphasis that the images of monday are horrible and will remain with us we'll investigate the crime judiciously in order to bring those to crime to justice. the victims and survivors deserve nothing less. the f.b.i. is committed to
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make sure the victims receive the rights and assistance they need to cope with the crime. >> the f.b.i. saying these are the two men that the agency believes were responsible for the horrific bombing in the boston mara thon and whether they have spent time in boston or spent time in the united states or somewhere in the world, member knows who they are and they are asking per people to call in. >> to your point of images. there is cell phone video and other video and you would think that the f.b.i. and others are scouring and also the transportation. now that you know what they were wear where they went and how they went from place to place. they probably know more than obviously we are hearing about today. >> absolutely. speaking to transportation, the airports are an obvious place to look.
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they are on the look out for every airport and look at tapes and passport phototo see if they did leave these country since the day of the bombing. these are the men they are looking for and they are asking the public for help. >> rick, thank you. and now for the intelligence angle it is mod yern high-tech and extensive anam sis of the social media. chief intelligence correspondant katherine harris is here. >> tonight, the f.b.i. asked for the public help, senior government officials telling congress that the investigation is wide open. it is on the helm - hill they updated lawmakers. >> we don't know if it was
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done by foreign or domestic or a individual lone act. lon woefuls and affiliated groups are certainly determined to attack. >> with the analysis by the f.b.i. crime line in virginia ongoing. head of the security committee told fox news new leads are expected soon. >> there are tracers in the gun powder and the pellets themselves and ball bearings can be traced to a manufacturer and the device itself it is the best evidence that we have. >> in addition to still images and video. a source tells fox news that there is a significant social media foot print. more than 30,000 social media messages were connected from 25 hours before to 24 hours after the explosion. messages that seemed out of place and quoded and tweets
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abou two boston hotels were investigated further. >> an unconventional ware fare. commercial media will communicate. >> in the first public comments. the attorney general offered few details. >> i want to assure you and the is thes of boston and all of america we are working to determine who is responsible for this incident. >> fox news is developing new information that federal investigators are asking foreign governments to look at travel rorteds . >> we are going to see a lot of the radio and images. >> bret: what struck me suspect two, and that according to the f.b.i. is the guy in the white hat, and he's the person they say put, they have on video putting a bag dwn. >> he doesn't seem to care
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that his face is not cover he doesn't have sunglasses on and hat on back wards it is pretty interesting for somebody who wants to go undetected. what are your thoughts? >> one of the things about the picture is that profile shot that the f.b.i. put up may have seemed unusual. but there are feature in the shot. that individual has a distinctive profile with his nose and that is unique as your fingerprint. not that individual but the next from the size. your earlobe individual as your fingerprint and a snow flake. they are able to identify people through that kind of a shot. it is no question to me and why that was put up this evening . then what we have is confirmation that this was not
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a lone wolf. it is a conspiracy of at least two and when ever you look at these cases, you will have to consider whether there was a support network to help them. whether it turns out to be domestic or an individual component as well as you look the the pictures. there is issue of transporting the devices that are volatile and they are reallientially, they are rudimentary in a way, these pressure cookers with the nails and explosives inside. they could go off any moment. >> the information that we are working on. working theory they were assembled close to the blast site and not transported a great distance because of risk of premature detonation.
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f.b.i. and police were canvassing the hotel and areas that you could put it together. it is a volatile bomb, but it is something that you may make fairly quickly that day . what we heard in the news conference that the device was trapped not that long before it was detonated. >> bret: the significance of the battery and talk about reconstruction of what they h. the pieces. that is another part of the puzzle. >> we confirmed on tuesday that bomb components in the f.b.i. crime lab in virginia and key parts of the bomb were relatively n intact and bodes well for the investigation . those experts are almost like archaeologist in the ability to piece back together the bomb just like you would an artifact that you find in a dig site. they can understand what it
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looks like and do tracers on the powder and there are typically chemicals in the powder that link to a manufacturer and always usually find a serial number. but the battery is an interesting element. it came from a radio controlled toy or something that you would see with a child. so rather than go to the store and buy a power source. they bought an item and took it out and put it in the device. we spoke with the member of the joint task force. under pressure when you build a device. you resort to what you know best would be the training to make an ied. they were trained to buy a toy that had a battery and remove it and possibly with the wires and circuit board. that is a tile of bomb training that you find in certain groups. >> bret: it is important to
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point out f.b.i. officials must be confident to put these images out at this point. they delayed up until now. obviously a lot of people look back at the olympics park bombing and richard jewel incident and other incidents when it didn't pan out that that was the suspect. they have to feel confident and delayed to release the video and images? >> as rick mentioned, there has to be more information than simply feeling a high level level confidence. they must feel they're crossed the legal standard. when you make a decision to release the picture. you have to ask yourself the pros and the cons. in this case on a basis. that jumped out at me in the news conference . you understand when you do that, you will flood the system. you have an investigative
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machine working and you will flood that system with thousands of leads . that can over whelm the system and slowing it down . so the calculation by the f.b.i., the benefit outweighed the risk and the potential for flight might be very real. >> we'll head back to breaking news. we have a lot of other stories we are track a accident explosion out in texas. we have an arrest in the ricin case and we'll continue to analyze the video and still images of the two men, now the f.b.i. said are suspects and they need the public's help. this is video that millionings of people around the world are looking at right now. the suspects of the boston mara thon bombingings. we'll have more information and all of the other stories as special report continues after this.
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>> bret: this is fox news alert. new video from the f.b.i.. wosuspects in the boston mara thon bombings . bill, your first impression of the video and new's conference and images. these peopleuld tell you it are walking behind and amongst the people they are about ready to kill and injury . encouraging that they have identified these people as the primarily suspects. the f.b.i. is asking the public to pay attention to . by going out and announcing they are looking for these people, around the world people will look at who the next door neighbors are . ticket agents say i i thought i saw them or hardware store
3:18 pm
or a selling of pressure cooker and combined with the forensic work. i think it will help move the case along quickly. >> bret: you mentioned the delay and the press conference we got at 5:00 p.m. within the last 45 minutes out of boston, that delay may have been tied to other action. obviously with this video they have tracked other video of where these guys may have been or gone. >> i am sure in the past 24 hours they have delayed two press conferences that were expected in the time worried . one of the things we could hypothsis for me. they wanted to surprise them on their own and find out where they are . given the fact they exhausted initial lead and investigative teams. they tried to move it forward
3:19 pm
as quickly as possible and tie it in with all of the forensics and that was probably the wise thing to do once they realized they didn't have an immediate identification on these people. >> bret: just to be cautious. could one of these guys be disguised in some way. is it possible. the guy with the back ward's hat doesn't carry about being undercover or discovered, rather. >> always a possibility there was an attempt to disguise the appearance. these pictures compared to other investigations i have been involved in on the public and private side. they are good quality photos and i feel, bret, we'll have people looking around at their personal files. they will look at the photos and it didn't mean anything to him. gee, i think i see these people elsewhere .
3:20 pm
more spottings and better pictures will help the are the thises and public find out these people'identity. >> next steps. 15 seconds. >> forensics are worked on and tying in the pieces of where the components may have been purchased and sending out information to airlines and rail way and station and border stations from our border people and entered bovereder people and moving forward with it i think we'll see movement on it quickly and next days or so. we'll get them. >> bret: bill, we appreciate your time tonight. >> you're welcome. >> bret: breaking news and we'll go back with the images and the two suspects and we have the other big story out of texas and an arrest in the ricin case. an amazing story out of
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>> bret: a fox news alert. much more on boston and the latest images of the two suspects as the f.b.i. released another story and disaster. at least now they are talking about an accident. there are questions about a possibly attack but they are now calling it an accident and the investigation is continuing and a explosion in west, texas. it put the small farming community on the map and just about wiped it off of the map. dominic has the update. >> yes, bret, absolutely, the
3:25 pm
investigation continues, the cause clearly an industrial accident at this time. but the authorities are taking precaution and for a time will treat the it as a criminal accident . the details are just 24 hours ago. bret. >> daylight revealed devastation and debris littered the landscape and gatered lass. >> homes that are no longer homes and homes flatened by the explosion and homes that will have to replace windows and you can see the apartment, walls and roofs peeled back. >> and the blaze broke out in the fertilizer point adjacent to a school and close to a nursing home in the town. they tackled the flames and the explosion occurred and bomb so laud it was heard 45
3:26 pm
miles away. >> i can't hear. i can't hear. get out of here. please get out of here. >> witnesses were rocked as the blaze swept outward. >> i thought it was lightning and they said it was supposed to be thunderstorms tonight and when i realized the roof caved it, it wouldn't be lightning. lightening wouldn't cause it to come n >> it was a highly volatile chemical. it can blind and suffocate and burn and kill you had mans. victims were taken to waco dallas and temple. emergency crews from across the region rushed to the scene and worked throughout the night to aid 160 that were injured. scant details about those who perished and 15, among them the first responders.
3:27 pm
>> there are missing firefighters for sure and i am hearing the numbers of three-five and they there to save lives and they did without a doubt. several of them lost their lives. and the blaze too fierce for firefighters to tackle it was a containment throughout the day. >> it is here. it is methodical process that they are doing. number one priority is to rescue and save lives in the event we can do that. bret those who are affected by the first of national tragedies and the president rang governor perry to say that his prayers are with those people at this time and they had a moment of the violence for the victims here. >> bret: we go to break with
3:28 pm
the video that the whole world is watching. we'll return do boston and get the latest from bill hemmer, the two suspects, f.b.i. said they carried cookers turned into bombs that killed three and maimed scores of others . [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's starts with ground beef, onions and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care, for you or your family.
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3:32 pm
thon bombings. good evening, bill. >> hey, bret, good evening to you, massachusetts state police sent out the following note. mara thon bombing suspect number two in the white baseball hat note proed jaw and nose and dark hair. call f.b.i. and with it they attached a picture on that feed. here's what we have. in the past 90 minutes. fast-moving developments and images and video of two individuals seen on captured on camera and released for the public to discern. suspect number one in the foreground in a dark hat and suspect two casual and with without sunglasses and walking 10-12 feet behind suspect number one. the f.b.i. said they have
3:33 pm
video of suspect number two dropping and leaving bomb number two on monday afternoon . police are saying tonight, bret. if you see other images other than the two on the screen, ignore them whether they are on websites or newspapers. those photos are not credible and it was a telling comment from the f.b.i. agent in charge. each piece of evidence moves us forward to justice and they are hoping for that very soon in boston as the story takes a significant turn. >> bret: to your point. a lot of different information. one about the saudi national who was questioned on the first night. he was injured in the attack neither a suspect or is he deported and a second saudi in the boston area that was arrestod a visa violation and
3:34 pm
may be deported but no connection to the bombing, that is what issa is saying tonight. it is important that they are saying these are the two guys and there is nothing else. >> yeah, indeed you're right. that is a great point to make here and the individuals that did not come up in the press conference. it was not a long statement and lasted 10 minutes and a couple of questions and not a lot of detail provided other than the statement that the f.b.i. wanted to put out and pictures that are critical. we talked about the appeal on the behind of the public. this is a direct appeal to the people of boston, if you know these people call 1-800 call f.b.i. and the number 325-3322 -- forty-four much >> and there was a separate category set up for tips to be e-mailed
3:35 pm
in. boston tips mara that is important, bret. we had great photos, he and his wife's camera good high quality powerful camera with digital images that showed people on one side of the street and they are pouring through two greatf evidence that were released publicly. >> bret: thank you, bill, alive in boston. >> we'll have anam sis from road wheeler here in washington d.c. . former homicide detective. rod, your thoughts about seeing the new's conference and seeing the images and how the investigation is unfolding. >> it is unfolding face . the more interesting point and the release of the video and
3:36 pm
photings, i wonder whether or not they are in the boston area and why i say that. with these images they are clear we can run them through video image identification. i believe the f.b.i. has run them through the radio act from the tsa counters in the airport already. if they have done that and not seen the imannuals come through tsa screening checkpoints and we take video of everybody through there. the question is are they in the boston area and if they are not did they drive or catch the train and even in trainn stations we do the same thing. i wonder if they may be in the boston area, bret. >> we have talked about it here . how these guys look and their demeanor and not turning ideas and suspect number two, this is the guy the f.b.i. said put down one of the guys and the
3:37 pm
other gry has glasses and guy with the white hat doesn't care. >> it appears he is the younger of the two . mark was right. with suspect number two, guy with the white hat on, the reason ha not trying to disguise his face. he's young and not exited a lot of street crime and he was not thinking we know how to investigate these dayses. i think suspect number one had on the glasses and he may be the older of the two and little bit more experience . i am just speculating, but that is what it appears to be at this point. >> bret: it is chilling to thatthink that the backpacks may be filled with the volatile bombs and eventually killed three people and wounded more than 170.
3:38 pm
>> and more chilling to that. these ied devices. we know they probably had to be put together within an hour or two at the time in which they went off. we wonder how far they traveled to bring them to the splace they left them. we'll start to get more answers then. >> bob, we'll analysis tonight we'll follow. two men, black ball cap and white ball cam . two suspects in the boston monday morathon bombing. we'll talk about the investigation and the intelligent with the all-stars and we'll have charlescrat krauthammer on line.
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>> we will find you . yes, you will face justice. we will find you . we will hold you accountable, but more than that, our fedelity to our way of life free and open society, will only grow stronger. for good has not given u a spirit of fear and on timidity. but one of power and love and self displinn. -- discipline. >> bret: president obama saying we will finish this race. we'll bring in our panel and judge napolitano, fox analyst . charles lane writer for the washington post and charles krauthammer. charles, the video and
3:43 pm
imannuals and your thoughts? >> they will have to weigh the fact they will not get a huge amount of information a lot disruptive and extraninous. i believe they released it for two reasons. the raduous of escape is large. three days and like you drop a stone in the pond and ripple affects and i am sure they have looked at video from the airports if you live in new england as i did once, the drive to the canadian border is not long and in canada it might be easy tore escape. they wanted make sure the escape raduous stase where it is and america in america can look at this . second is the problem of trying to differenteate this from other images. what they also want to do is have everybody on the scene look immediately at the brack
3:44 pm
- background which they might have dismissed to see if these two guys appears and they could get important information within hours. >> >> bret: the f.b.i. said he sat down the backpack at the site forum restaurant and asking anyone near there with pictures and video to look for him. >> i looked at these videos as a hopeful sign in the investigation both for what they are and the fact they are released. it is it all a good sign . this shows the tremendous benefit to law enforcement and people having cell phones and other devices on them. i guess, looking at the pictures, one concern i had. there is discussion if they are disguised and will they put on wigs or false beards f.
3:45 pm
they are that kind of operative, that would be a concern. there is that limitation. >> bret: i brought up judge, the caution that the f.b.i. has been wrong before. >> yes. >> bret: richard jewel, but they feel why they are confident. >> the f.b.i. need said assistance and the f.b.i. has thousands of hours of tapes from all of the various sources from iphones and blackberries as well and the commercial tapes in the area. they have shown us little clips that we are seeing. it is it a lot that they have not yet told us. there is more than two people involved. somebody trained them and taught them and sent them there and helped them to get away. my gut tells me they are on the trial.
3:46 pm
but these two people pieces of the pudsle. the modern day wapted poster will help the f.b.i. bring them to these two and thus to others. >> the possibility of it being a mistake. >> bret: i am just raising the issue. >> one of the important things, if they are the wrong people and they see themselves on tv, they can head to the f.b.i. and say it was not me . if they don't in the next few hours that will help the f.b.i. confirm they are on the right track. >> if it is the wrong guys, they should call ahead before showing up in the police officer. >> >> bret: i mentioned to bill hemmer, the story of the original saudi national that was questioned in the hospital as a person of interest. >> he tackled by civilian.
3:47 pm
>> bret: he was questioned and let go. he was not a part of it . there was a story that he was being deported and that the president met with the saudi foreign minister in the white house, but the second saudi student he's not deported . the second saudi student was arrested on a visa violation and overstaying his visa. he may be deported . you have all of the information trying around. two separate people and the f.b.i. saying, whatever you hear. these are the two guys. >> that is important. you can get conspiracy theories and why is there a meeting and all of these are harmful . if the harmful said these are our guys, it is not a cover up or a experience . i think the likelihood that it is islamic terrorism on the history of the attacks in the
3:48 pm
homeland for the last decade, you say it is 50? >> however, the fact that there has been no declaration of anybody saying we did it as normally happens when it is ji hadist and so the propaganda affect is not there . second, the fact that it is a crude operation. al-qaida doesn't often do trash cans or packs. i think it is slightly more likely. >> bret: social media and facebook and there my be a lot of. >> they find these guys or no? judges -- >> yes, it will take a while. >> before the week is out. 100 million eyes, someone will see them. >> bret: next up. an elis impersonator accused
3:49 pm
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>> bret: now on another terrorism story. a mississippi man sent tainted letters to the president and a senator. here is john roberts. >> 45 year old kevin curtis made a appearance in federal court if oxford, mississippi facing charges of threatening the life of the president. curtis was over to say i would never be involved in that. according to the charging documents. he sent three letters laced with riciner. one to president obama and
3:53 pm
senatoric wicker . the judge. >> it was handled by the judge and several deputy curts and employees of the court. >> in fact her son said the judge opened it and raised it to the noise and sniffed the powder. she is doing fine. she refuse to go to the doctor. what drove kevin curtis to carry out the attacks. he is an musician and elvis impersonator who senator wicker hire him for a couple about to get married. he d contract janitorial work. for years he tried to convince people of the conspiracy sending letters. the medical center banned him for the property. curtis began to unravele. on his facebook page.
3:54 pm
i am on the hidden front hines of a secret war and my brothers fear me and sister hate me and they burned down my home and killed my dogs and, my cat and my rabbit. in an on line claimm. curtis writes everything that is happening since 2000 is because i found dismembered body parts and being terminated from the largest employer in the state. language eerily similar to thelers laced with ricin. >> an attorney who worked with curtis said his former client has mental problems but it is unclear where curtis got ahold of the ricin and why sudden attempts to get noticed turned deadly. >> stay tuned for a final reyown for american heroes.
3:55 pm
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>> bret: finally tonight, something a little different for the end of our show. correspondent steve harrigan with the story of one last reunion for historic band of brothers. >> we're going to go do some flying. >> after you. >> at age 97, colonel dick kohl is still able to climb the steps of the bomber he jumped from 71 years ago. >> looking down at that black hole, it was probably the scariest time in the whole flight. [engine starting] >> traffic 125: >> 1942, the u.s. military had the ability to launch bombers from an aircraft carrier. it did not have the ability to land bombers on an aircraft carrier. a fact all 80 men who
3:59 pm
volunteered for the mission under colonel james do little understood. >> that was the name of the game. there wasn't any chance of getting back on the carrier. >> your air plane. >> once they dropped their 400 or 500 bombs all 16 planes crashed, most over china. 69 of the 80 men who bailed out or crash landed survived. [bell] >> attention. >> four do little raiders are alive today but none are forgotten. >> that's one of the purposes is to remember the other people that are not here in person but they are here in here. >> the successful raid over tokyo, so soon after pearl harbor, was a huge morale boost for the u.s. and broke japan's sense


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